An update of the latest work and projects in the studio.

Workout Campaign










AW & SS/23 Brand Identity

Having audited the brand development from previous seasons, we created a flexible identity system that would streamline internal resource without impacting on the quality of the output. By producing an over-arching design system, we were able to build an identity that was dynamic enough to deliver simpler, more templated, solutions when the deadlines are tight, whilst having the ability to be flexible on larger campaigns. We also delivered a large proportion of the output and art direction across all platforms.

The forward slash solution and frame device allowed room for creativity, maintaining a consistent look and feel across multiple products and ranges. The key was to find a solution that enabled typography, a key brand pillar, to work effectively as well as leave room to be playful without stringent rules that would stifle exploration.

As part of the brand audit, we also gave recommendations on shoot direction and photography approaches for social media and all digital platforms. As well as creating a new set of brand guidelines across eCrm, to again, pull back valuable time that was being lost, but also to raise the bar on the quality of output. We overhauled the teams approach to studio & model photography that considers UI and UX work that is in progress.

Our unique position allows us to really understand where the internal team can make better use of resources, driving competitive edge and deliver across multiple channels effectively. A future-proofed approach that can be built on for the next season.







Adapted and applied to the Le Col x Wiggins launch:





Ascii style approach for Le Col x McLaren





Dorian Restaurant branding

Dorian has all the hallmarks of a classic French bistro, marble bar tops, wood panelling and leather banquettes, but as the name implies, there is a slight undertone of something different. This latest addition to the Notting Hill restaurant scene is being referred to as a ‘anti-Notting Hill bistro’. Dorian boasts an exquisite menu of beautiful seasonal British produce and an enviable wine list.

The identity is derived from iconic French bistro mosaic tiles. It takes a more playful and modern approach, in line with the restaurants’ ethos, with a slight nod to Parisian street art.










Strykk rebrand and packaging

New brand identity and packaging work for Strykk, building on the original foundations we developed for them in 2018. Whilst our underlying strategy remains the same, a number of external factors have led to the need to reinvigorate the brand and re-align the growing portfolio.

Starting with refinements to the logo, we opted for a holding shape that become the central block device that runs through the whole identity. Extrapolated from the three overlapping oblongs that created the original Strykk asterisk, it builds as the common thread for packaging, and is both exaggerated or subtly implemented as a consistent graphic device across all channel executions.

We’ve built on the strong colour palette, bringing in a wider set of bold and complementary tones to increase standout and build better differentiation between products. Typography opts for a more refined sans serif and a slight coming of age, moving from the unruly uppercase Futura Condensed used previously, to a more conversational approach. As before our focus on tone of voice remains confident and unapologetic, a key pillar of the brand.

The original strategy and positioning remains, inspired by the idea of enjoying a night out without compromise. A love of going out, being part of the story and not missing out. Removing the stigma of ‘not’ drinking, by delivering a product with the taste and complexity to build a proper drink with 0% Abv Distilled Spirit.

At the heart Strykk remains disruptive and steadfast in its unwillingness to just fit a mould. A bold approach that needed a bold brand, unapologetic and full of energy. We’re not about kooky craft, forced aspiration or self-importance. Uniquely summed up as; All the spirit. None of the alcohol.





Strykk Not Vodka
Strykk Not Gin

“Limited Edition Design has been at the forefront of Strykk’s brand and visual identity since its inception in 2018. When tasked to overhaul and update the packaging and identity, a clear, comprehensive, and succinct sprint process was followed from start to finish – and at the highest standard. What has resulted, we feel, is a truly world class brand and visual identity, all packaged up neatly in a set of bullet-proof Brand Guidelines to mark the next stage of our business growth.”

Tom Glover, Brand Manager, Strykk






Agency: Limited Edition Design
Creative Director: Paul Greeno
3D & Motion: Sergio Beggiato
Photography: Jeremy Baile

Le Col x McLaren Project Aero

Le Col is focussed on creating the best performance cycling kit on the market, so to have a collaboration with a brand as iconic as McLaren was an opportunity to really push the limits. Meet Project Aero.

We’ve always looked outside of cycling and beyond what others in the sport are doing, and what this collaboration, and the technology allows us to do is to create an environment that shows the combination of performance and engineering in a unique way. Muybridge meets Tron, from building a bespoke set in the studio for our stills campaign, to using some of the most innovative virtual production technology using Unreal Engine to shoot the commercials, this project has been about pushing the boundaries at every level.

The concept for this shoot was about creating a hyper-real set that that reflects the hours of development, but without the obvious cliche of using a wind tunnel. Instead, we focussed on creating a cinematic experience that brings to life and stylises that process of capturing data. Project Aero – Engineered for Speed.







Concept & Creative Direction: Limited Edition Design

Client Le Col / McLaren
Production: Squire
Director: Jay Creagh
Dop: James Medcraft
Model: Adam Macrae
Photography: Michael Blann
3d/Animation: Greg Walker