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New website live for Stryyk Zero-proof spirits,

Stryyk website

Stryyk website

The Money Cloud

We delivered the branding and art direction for this impressive start-up, The Money Cloud. The Money Cloud is the international money service for the modern global economy. It allows users to get the best rates for money transfers worldwide. With RPM digital working on the in-depth strategy and user experience, we were tasked with translating that into a visually engaging brand. The results are clean and simple, focussing on the conversion tool and their trustworthy and transparent service.

The logo:


The mobile version of the website is designed to bring the conversion tool to the fore in a way that mimics an app:


The website focusses on the user experience with the conversion tool at the centre:


The logo is designed to be flexible, and can adapt and animate to add subtle movement and diversity:


Guideline and strategy document to ensure consistent brand use:


Agency: RPM

Lion Awards website design

The website for this years Lion awards is now up and running. LimitedEditionDesign took care of the design and art direction, whilst Activepixels took care of the build. A simple clean design that hides some ruthless coding that allows applicants to upload and personalise content, cast votes and more.

Echo Brand Design Website

Limited Edition Design has teamed up with Bounce to create a new website for Echo. Our phase one holding site is now up and running as we move onto phase two of the online overhaul.

Echo Brand Design Website Echo Brand Design Website

Echo Brand Design Website