Bug Music rebrand

We’ve been working away on a re-brand of Bug Music Video for some time now as the images below will explain. Bug sets out to explore creativity in music video today – from exciting work in mainstream videos, to experimental bedroom directors. With long time host Adam Buxton taking a sabbatical and a guest presenter taking the reigns each show, we chose a total refresh away from our the illustrated route we’ve produced for the last few years. Instead, we chose to take elements of music and film and create model bugs from the tools used to create the films being shown.

We’ve spent months dismantling a massive stockpile of items begged, borrowed and bought from eBay, charity shops and friends, with a notable mention to FX Rentals. Having amassed a floor full of assorted parts, we then set about building our bugs. We’ve made six so far, and the first is now in use, the rest will appear here over the course of the following Bug shows – we don’t want to give everything away at once.  We also filmed the bugs with Phil Tidy to create the show indents that are currently being edited into full glory.

2 of our Bug models:


Bug 42 poster:


The new identity:

BUG logo

5 cine cameras, 4 video cameras, 6 microphones  and numerous other music and film parts on the production line:

BUG Music Video

Idents sneak peek:

BUG Music Video

Last nights debut:

Bug music video BFI

More info at:

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BUG XL Recordings Special