Johnnie Walker brand videos

45 second videos bringing to life the flavour cues of Johnnie Walker Red Label and Johnnie Walker Black Label.

We Art Directed these two, 45 second, videos for Johnnie Walker Red Label and Black Label. Shot on Phantom for beautiful slow motion, each film highlights the flavour cues specific to the variant. With a mix of liquid nitrogen and an array of ingredients and hitting utensils, we managed to capture the explosive nature of the taste notes in super slow motion with balletic elegance.

Johnnie Walker Black Label – Director’s Cut:

Johnnie Walker Black Label stills:


Johnnie Walker Red Label – Director’s Cut:

Johnnie Walker Red Label stills:


On set:




Original storyboards:


Agency: RPM
Director: Martin Wonnacott
Production: ParkVillage
Music: Patrick Cannell

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